LeanArc is on a mission to change how the world consumes cloud services.

LeanArc is on a mission to change how the world consumes cloud services. We believe that every person, business, and organization is entitled to a fair representation. Today, the services market is broken up and fragmented: we intend to change that. We are a team of five people—and growing—with diverse cultural backgrounds and a common vision. If you are someone who likes to experiment, who isn’t shy of fifty open tabs on undocumented technology, who feels like taking up a challenge, we’d be glad to welcome you as part of the team!

We’re looking for someone who is comfortable with the MEAN stack or its variants (we’re open to hearing your ideas on whether AngularJS is the Superheroic JavaScript framework that it claims to be). Since our team is quite lean, we have a DevOps philosophy, and we like to share the mess that comes along with development. HTML, CSS, JavaScript and familiarity with at least one Frontend framework are the big requirements. Since no one is perfect, we are completely in sync with the spirit of learning curves, and we understand that everyone needs a little time to climb that steep slope!

Here’s a summary of our expectations in bullet points (*’s are pre-requisites):

Web fundamentals like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, React, Ember, etc.

CSS preprocessors like Sass or LESS

Front-end (CSS) frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap

Libraries like jQuery or Backbone.js


We feel that this is a great opportunity for you because we’re at a development stage in which each voice has a big impact. You will play a part in shaping the product, experimenting with that little creative voice inside your head: you will grow both as an individual and as a part of the Leanarc team.

Phone: +41 44 586 22 20


98%part of a great team
90%Flexible working hours
85%Home office